MOBILITY + Hip & Joint

In the course of aging, under the impact of weight and heavy load, joint cartilage in dogs wears. Along with the loss of elasticity, pains of varying intensity appear, requiring treatment, and the supplementation is highly welcome.


supports the mobility of the joints and relieves inflammatory and painful conditions, thanks to the combination of numerous quality ingredients.
  • NEM®, that is, the eggshell membrane, contains identical components as joints, and as a result it is of crucial importance for the constant renewal of cartilage and connective tissue, maintaining the health of joint cartilage and surrounding structures. By regular intake within the first 7 to 10 days, NEM® can help improve joint mobility and relieve the pain associated with joint diseases.
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine are the structural components of cartilage and as such help restore cartilage and connective tissue, as well as joint mobility and provide joints with additional elasticity.
  • Glucosamine initiates the production of glucosamine-glycan, the basis of cartilage, which is absorbed quickly and has a high degree of utilization.
  • Collagen increases the elasticity of the joint and affects the increase in bone density.
  • Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect and plays a role in reducing pain and swelling.

Instructions for use: 1 tablet per 20 kg BM per day. Recommendation: initially for up to 3 months, in case of chronic processes repeat 2–3 times a year. The tablets are chewable, or they can be crushed and mixed with food. Asking for a veterinarian’s opinion before use is recommended.
veterinarian recommended
human grade