Proper nutrition should provide all the necessary nutrients for dogs, but the body often requires additional vitamins and minerals in order to cope with seasonal colds, impaired immunity and numerous external influences.


supplement contains a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals, and it is additionally enriched with glutathione and coenzyme Q10, thus strengthening the dog’s defence system and improving the overall health.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 – supports energy generation, preserves vitality and is particularly important as a support for the heart and brain.
  • Glutathione – a powerful antioxidant, eliminates toxins, delays aging and reduces oxidative stress, making dogs less susceptible to diseases.
  • Vitamin B complexes – participate in many functions in the body including energy generation, regular hormone function, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, increase appetite and are a valuable help during the recovery period from various diseases.

Instructions for use: 1 dispenser (2.7 gr) or 1 tablet per 15 kg BM per day. The tablet is chewable, but can be crushed and added to food. Asking for a veterinarian’s opinion before use is recommended.
veterinarian recommended
human grade