A soft and thick coat is the first thing noticed in a dog, and the nice appearance of the coat is actually a mirror of skin health. Various deficiencies in the body are often manifested through the skin and hair, and as an organ that, along with the hair, is most exposed to external influences every day, it often needs special care and protection.


supplements contain a complex of various vitamins, protectors and fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the skin and coat, protecting them and making them stronger.
  • Glutathione – restores skin and coat, slows down aging, participates in body detoxification and contributes to the entire immune system strengthening.
  • Vitamins A i E, Vitamin B complex – Vitamin A contributes to the preservation of health skin, mucus and coat, whereas Vitamin E stimulates circulation and thus healthy hair development. The B group vitamins regenerate the skin and represent a reliable ally in improving the quality of both coat and skin.
  • Biotin – essential coenzyme that improves skin and coat hydration, making it more resistant to external impact.
  • Vitamin C – protects the body from free radical and improves immunity in general, strengthening skin resistance.
  • Vitamin D3 – the best known vitamin for the skin, it strengthens its barrier, affects faster hair growth and improves its quality and appearance.
  • Zinc – has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the development of bacteria and reduces skin irritation.
  • Omega fatty acids – hydrate the skin and improve its overall health.

Instructions for use: 1 dispenser 7(2.7 gr) or 1 tablet per 15 kg BM per day. The tablets are chewable, or they can be crushed and mixed with food. Asking for a veterinarian’s opinion before use is recommended.
veterinarian recommended
human grade